San Diego Pharmacist Resource and Research Network

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  • SDPharmNet™ is participating in the "CDC Healthy Works: Prevention Initiatives".
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Welcome to the San Diego Pharmacist Resource and Research Network (SDPharmNet™), where pharmacists from various practice settings are collaborating to provide the best practices, tools, and resources for pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management services.

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SDPharmNet™ is joining efforts with the County of San Diego Department of Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) and Be There San Diego (BTSD) to participate in the project "CDC Healthy Works: Prevention Initiatives" (Project Figure). The project conducts assessments of pharmacist-provided services for patients with hypertension and diabetes in health-system and community pharmacies. Through dissemination of best practice recommendations, we are eager to see more health-systems integrate pharmacists into their care teams and facilitate linkages with community pharmacies. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact us at



The upcoming SDPharmNet seminar is scheduled on October 4, 2017. Featured speakers are Dr. Anthony Morreale and Dr. Jan Hirsch. Thee seminar topic is "Demonstrating Return on Investment
for Clinical Pharmacy Services". This session will present and discuss various return on investment methods that can be employed to justify clinical pharmacy services in both the primary care and specialty care settings. If interested, please contact us at

The California Society of Health-System Pharmacists is starting a Pharmacogenomics Certificate program. If you'd like more information or to register, visit their website at



Benefits of Membership

  • Network with other members, UCSD faculty and students from the School of Pharmacy and the School of Medicine, and guest speakers from other networks
  • Collaborate with other pharmacists and researchers to improve pharmacy service quality and medication safety
  • Participate in pharmacy research from generating research questions to disseminating and implementing the best practices research findings
  • Access to resources pertinent to practice-based guidelines and tools
  • Advance pharmacy practice through practice-based research

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